A couple things about our website you should know:

First, this is not an e-commerce site, we aren't set up to sell anything from our website.  As such, we have no way to upload our current inventory to the site.  What we show are the manufacturers we handle.  If you're looking for a particular item, go to the Contact Us page and give us a call.  You can also send a message thru to us, but the phone call is faster.

We do not collect or store email addresses.  While our 'Contact Us' form requires an email address, that is simply so we can reply to any question you submit to us, we couldn't send a reply without your address.  We also ask for your name simply so we know who we're talking to.


We began 2005 in a little niche in the basement of the Garmin Building in Bellefonte, PA, or more familiarly known locally as the DoDe.  This wonderful old building was built in the mid-1800's and housed a bar (the DoDe) and hair dresser on the first floor, and was home to almost two dozen residents in the upper two floors.  And we had a little piece of the basement, our old showroom was 357 square feet!  It was amazing how much stuff we actually had stuffed into that little space.  Then tragedy struck September 10, 2012 just a little after midnight.  Staff in the bar noticed a haze and the smell of smoke in the barroom and soon realized it wasn't a light ballast or something similar.  They called the fire department and began to evacuate the building, getting everyone out just in time.  By the time the fire department arrived the fire had worked it's way thru the walls and ceilings of the old building and nothing could be done to save this landmark.  We remained open for business in a very limited capacity, operating mostly at gun shows during the following year.  In 2014 we found a suitable building and renovated part of it for our new store.  Finally in October we reopened bigger and better, now with a 1600 square foot showroom and space in the back for a classroom and a machine shop area for gunsmithing.