1911 Services - parts not includedCost
Barrel Installation
1911 Match fit style barrel and bushing$250.00
Fit match barrel bushing$50.00
Fit officers model barrel bushing$50.00
Install ramped 1911 barrel Includes Ramp Cut in Frame$300.00
Re-crown barrel, 11 degree$30.00
Extraction / Ejection / Feeding
Polish Feed Ramp in Frame, Throat barrel$60.00
Cut Ramp in Non Ramped Frame$75.00
Flair Ejection Port$50.00
Flair Ejection Port Gold Cup Style$50.00
Install Extended Ejector$35.00
Lower Ejection Port$55.00
Fit Extractor$30.00
Front Strap / Trigger Guard / MS Housing
Checker front strap 20 lpi$240.00
Checker front strap 30 lpi$280.00
Checker trigger guard/bottom 30 LPI$100.00
Checker trigger guard/bottom 40LPI$130.00
Checker mainspring housing 20 lpi$60.00
Checker mainspring housing 30 lpi$90.00
Checker raised beavertail 30 lpi$60.00
Magazine Well / Magazine Release
Bevel magazine well $60.00$60.00
Fit Smith and Alexander mag well and blend $140.00$140.00
Install extended magazine release $10.00$10.00
Slide Modifications / Slide Stop
Checker rear of slide$75.00
Serrate rear of slide$50.00
Detent in slide stop$20.00
Fit slide to frame$100.00
Front cocking serrations 1911 pattern$100.00
Mill flat and serrate top of slide$140.00
Shorten slide, bushing cut$110.00
Shorten slide stop, flush, cut depression in frame$50.00
Ambi safety installed (includes part)$120.00
Bevertail grip safety Installed(includes part)$110.00
Fit safety to proper crispness$25.00
Plunger tube installed(includes part)$40.00
Strong side extended Safety installed (includes part)$75.00
Sights: Front / Rear
Bo-Mar/champion style low mount 1911 Front and rear, refinish & return S&H$295.00
Dovetail front sight cut$45.00
Heinie rear and front straight 8 sights (includes parts)$260.00
Heinie rear and front sight (includes parts)$180.00
Novak front and rear 3 dot or bar/dot tritium (includes parts)$260.00
Novak rear and front low mount (includes parts)$180.00
Add Kimber adjustable to fixed sight gun (rear sight only)$195.00
Open rear sight notch$20.00
Thin front sight blade$35.00
Springs / Guides
Full length guide rod and plug$45.00
Machine slide for reverse plug$75.00
Officer model guide rod & reverse plug$75.00
Triggers / Trigger Jobs
Long trigger installed$30.00
Match trigger job (includes new C&S parts)$290.00
Trigger job on factory parts, min 3.75lb (includes long trigger install)$100.00
The cost of threading for a suppressor is $80.00
Thread protector (Your thread pitch required) separate $25